Top ++ Best Bus from Ho Chi Minh to Vung Tau

saigon to vung tau bus – Vung Tau city has been known as one of many attractive and captivating tourist destination, because of its natural beauty. Whenever you go on the Vung Tau tour, you will be immersed in the scenery of Vung Tau.

How far is it from Ho Chi Minh to Vung Tau ?

About 96 km from Ho Chi Minh city.

How long does it take to go from Ho Chi Minh to Vung Tau ?

Visitors will take about 2 hours continuously to go from Ho Chi Minh to Vung Tau by bus.

How do visitors travel from Ho Chi Minh to Vung Tau ?

There are many means of transport to get to Vung Tau:  sleeper bus, limousine or taxi.

If you are planning to check-in Vung Tau to explore the modern features of a clean and beautiful beach, and enjoy a luxury vacation at high – end resorts, do not forget to refer to some suggestions from Megabus:

Anh Quoc Limousine Sai Gon to Vung Tau

bus from ho chi minh airport to vung tau – The Dcar X – limited edition premium limousine in Vietnam launched by the Anh Quoc limousine company to operate the Vung Tau – Airport route ordered in 2018, officially provides service to passengers.

bus from vung tau to ho tram – Dcar – X Anh Quoc Limousine Vung Tau – the airport uses a new high – class seat frame as a business class seat on an airplane, so the seat is wider. Moreover, the armrest reclines the back of the seat and the headrest is designed more conveniently for passengers to adjust easily.

airport limousine late night bus saigon vung tau – All 9 seats of Limousine bus company to Vung Tau are equipped with 8 massage systems to help passengers relax during the journey without feeling tired.          

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Hoa Mai Limousine Sai Gon to Vung Tau

vung tau bus station – Hoa Mai Limousine is the first limousine company to deploy the Vung Tau – Sai Gon route and vice versa. With many Premium Vip Limousines, each Limousine has only 9 seats, so the space is large, comfortable and extremely modern. This limousine has many amenities such as wifi, a USB charging port to charge your phone, iPad, or laptop in each seat.

                hoa mai bus vung tau – With the Hoa Mai VIP Limousine, there will have 2 seats next to the driver, which is not different from other limousines. However, with 7 seats in the rear compartment, the first 2 seats in the rear compartment can be adjusted, so it is convenient for passengers chit chat during the journey. Moreover, space is design to be bigger for passengers to stretch the legs more easily and there is a small locker for passengers to hold small items.

               where does the bus come in vung tau from saigon –  The timeframe from the Vung Tau – Sai Gon route: there is one trip every 30 minutes. It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes for passengers to go to Sai Gon from Vung Tau and especially the limousine does not pick up passengers along the road.

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Huy Hoang Limousine Sai Gon to Vung Tau

            vung tau vip bus – Huy Hoang Limousine is a long-lasting and familiar limousine company in the Hanoi – Vung Tau route. With prestigious quality for many years, Huy Hoang Limousine is proud to be a trustful limousine company for a variety of passengers. The goal of this limousine company is to improve constantly the service attitude of the staff towards passengers, ensuring passengers will be served enthusiastically and thoughtfully.

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Thanh Vinh Limousine Sai Gon to Vung Tau

            Thanh Vinh Limousine is one of many leading limousine companies in prestigious quality. With passenger transportation service on Vung Tau – Tan Son Nhat airport, the limousine company has heavily invested in Dcar Limousine with modern, luxurious, safe, spacious and comfortable space with a new engine system to make a sense of comfort and safety for passengers.

Some notes that passengers had better remember when booking the Thanh Vinh Limousine ticket:

            Thanh Vinh Limousine company provides Limousine Lines with 9 seats. The number of seats is small but the service quality is high, so if you book too close to the date of departure, there will not be good positions or out of tickets. You had better book tickets for Thanh Vinh Limousine to Vung Tau from Sai Gon in advance. Thanh Vinh Limousine ticket from Vung Tau to Sai Gon can be paid conveniently via the online booking system on Megabus.

            Limousines provide passengers with the quality of seats, but the bottom of the limousine is not large like sleeper buses. So if you have excess luggage or large size,  you need to contact the call center to check whether there is enough space or not before paying.

            In addition, Thanh Vinh Limousine bus company also provides the fallen seat limousine, which is a thick mattress, making a comfortable feeling for passengers. If the passenger has a baby or he/ she is traveling with a family, they should choose a 3 – person joint at the end of the limousine to have more space and comfort compared to the odd seats in the center of the limousine.

            Thanh Vinh Limousine bus company accepts online tickets, you just need to give the ticket code to the staff or the driver to get on the bus. The staff of limousine bus company can contact the booking phone number to confirm before going, you should pay attention to keep the phone regularly for convenient contact.

Address and phone number for Thanh Vinh Limousine ticket booking and pick up locations and drop off locations:

            In Sai Gon, Thanh Vinh Limousine starts from Tan Son Nhat airport. Thanh Vinh Limousine supports transfer to hotels, motels in Vung Tau city, or passengers can pick up the limousine in the office in Vung Tau city.

            The service staff is always enthusiastic to help passengers in all situations, the driver is carefully selected, always puts the safety and comfort of passengers above all.

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Avigo Limousine bus Sai Gon to Vung Tau

            The 34 – seat Limousine is converted to 19 seats with large, airy seats. This limousine is equipped with many amenities such as wifi, and even a TV screen behind each seat like on the plane for passengers to watch entertainment programs during the journey which last more than 3 hours to Vung Tau and vice versa. Passengers are required to wear seat belts as going by plane to ensure safety throughout the journey. It can be said that the level of this limousine route is not different from the “ Business class” when traveling by plane.

            airport limousine late night bus saigon vung tau – Avigo is the only passenger transportation unit located in the parking area of the domestic terminal of Tan Son Nhat International airport. AVIGO with a team of more than 500 drivers and operators always helps passengers with services all days. AVIGO bus company is always ready to transport passengers with the most safety. With the motto “ Quality makes trust”, the service of AVI Investment Joint Stock Company always aims at the trust and the satisfaction of passengers.

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